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Love Your Lashes...And They Will Love You Back!

Please remember to always clean your lashes to keep them hygienic and looking fresh.

At Evy Lash & Co. we take hygiene seriously, this is why we recommend all eyelashes be cleaned before the first application and followed with routine cleaning

Please follow care instructions below to keep your Evy Lash & Co. Lashes looking Glamrous!


Caring For Your Lashes

Build a good habit by cleaning your lashes after each use. Please remember to be gentle to your lashes when removing glue residue from strip.

  • Gently remove any glue residue from lash strip
  • Use disposable mascara wand & isopropyl alcohol to clean lash strip and lash fibers
  • Allow lashes to fully dry before application
  • Store in original box 


Store in Original Box

Always store your lashes in original Evy Lash & Co. packaging to prevent dust particles & debris from accumulating on lashes...protect your Eyes! Storing Lashes in original box will also help preserve the lash shape.


Check out this video on cleaning and disinfecting your lashes!