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"You Make Beautiful"

The World Is YOUR Stage OWN IT!

Bringing you luxury, cruelty free lashes since 2018, we strive to take our lashes to the next level and break away from the ordinary. We keep our line fresh and fun for all you lash lovers by updating our styles often with hot trends.

We are determined to turn heads with our over the top collections and packaging. We've made sure our lashes fit various eye shapes and are comfortable fitting to you. We are confident to leave you satisfied with your purchase and provide you with excellent customer service. 

To us, this isn't only about selling lashes but to generate a movement with our customers in creating your own definition of beautiful.

 "You make beautiful" was a phrase we created that inspired us to give people the opportunity to be yourself and create your own kind of beauty by using our lashes.

"Beauty is EQUAL in all regardless of your gender, race, size, or age...embrace it and enjoy it!"

Evy Lash & Co.