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The Evy Lash & Co. Collection

Silk Lashes


A Fuller more edgy look that gives you the perfect look of glamour 

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Fortune Cookie Lashes in Silk


Our "NEW" Special Edition Lashes that feature a dozen beautiful styles all packed in a fun box with a special fortune inside! What's your fortune going to be?

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Mink Lashes


Indulge in the look of mink for a beautiful dramatic and full effect...a sure show stopper eye lash!

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Faux Mink


Lovey lashes that have a firmer feel allowing for better application control. 

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Caballo Lashes


Our most exclusive and luxurious lashes that provide DRAMA and MEGA volume/ Fibers are Caballo Fur which provide an amazing softness and Heart Stopping look!

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Siberian Lashes


Gorgeous "High End" Siberian Mink Lashes that are made from luxurious and high quality Siberian mink fibers.

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