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You Make Beautiful!

WELCOME! to Evy Lash & Co. Lash Boutique.  We pride ourselves in providing you with a large variety of Luxury Eye Lashes. We LOVE  lashes and we want to share our passion for this beautiful "Eye Art"  with you. We provide you with quality and a vivid  assortment  of Gorgeous  lashes. We  believe beauty is in Your control and ALL individuals are created Equally beautiful. This is why we bring you great products such as our Luxury Lashes,  Stage Lashes, Lash Palettes, Lash Combos, & Accessories that allow you to create "Your Perfect Eye Look"... after all..."You Make Beautiful!"

Lashes...Lashes...& More Lahes!


Shop over 90 different styles of Beautiful Luxury  & Stage Lashes...!


Lashes Of The Month


Three special styles to chose from...what's your look for this month? Let us help you decide with our "Fav " choices of the month. Best part is they're on SALE!




Can't decide? Let us give you ideas and tips to help you achieve the look you desire.

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Best Sellers


New Arrivals


Feather Light Silk Lashes

Light and airy styles that accentuate the beauty of your own lashes


Full and Flawless Silk Lashes

A fuller more edgy  look that gives you the perfect look of glamour


Ritzy Mink Lashes

Indulge in the look of mink for a beautiful dramatic and full effect...a sure show stopper eye lash!


Royal Glam Fur Lashes

Our most exclusive and luxurious lashes that  provide DRAMA and Mega Volume. Fibers are Siberian Mink and Caballo Fur which provide an amazing softness and Heart Stopping look!


Stage Lashes

Let your inner Diva TAKE OVER! These eyelashes take it to the next level with fantastic feathers, sparkling stones, kaleidoscope looks and just plain FUN!


Customized Lash Palettes

  • Silk or Mink FourEver Lash Palette designed by our lash consultants with you in mind, provide you with a set of four day to evening lash styles
  • Trio Lash Palette is designed to give you a complete look which includes day & evening  to add to your GLAM!


Sparkle Lash Combo

  • Our Sparkle Lash Combo includes  a beautiful reversible two toned sequin cosmetic bag 
  • The "Lash of the Month" to choose from
  • Your basic application tools (lash applicator, tweezers, scissors)



Shop for the tools you need  to apply your lashes just right for that "eye masterpiece"


Bling Bag Lash Combos

A variety of colorful petite reversible sequin bags paired with Feather Light Silk Lashes that have been selected just for you by our Evy Lash & Co. Lash Consultants


Detailed Lash Packaging

We pack your luxury lashes with care in a beautiful metallic or glitter box that include a mini lash care instruction card with a disposable lash mascara wand  for cleaning your lashes


Lashes of the Month!

New products are coming soon!



Au Natural

Need a little more on  "Top" but not "Over" the top? Then Au Natural Lashes are right for you. This collection offers you the perfect amount of naturalness and airiness to accentuate your eyes as desired...You'll forget you're even wearing them!

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Lash Bar

Grab a drink and settle down because these lashes will make you the "baddest" girl around. We know the work days are treat yourself to our glamorous "Lash Bar" collection inspired by your favorite weekend drinks. These looks give you Glamour, Drama, and make you so Alluring! You'll ask for a "second round"...CHEERS!

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Wild Child

We just like to PARTY!...and we make NO apology. Bringing you show stopping lashes that are sure to make your look Out of this World! We shoot for the stars when it comes to our extraordinary handcrafted stage lashes. Own the night with these unique falsies that are sure to add to the fun! The World Is Your Stage & You're the Star!

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